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To get a cost-effective alternative to traditional polished concrete goes for Singh Floor’s superior concrete flooring services in Springvale. We work on the principle of Grind and Seal which involves grinding back the top layers of concrete then applying a topical sealer, which adds protection and shine.

Polished Concrete in Springvale is widely used in outdoor and industrial places like backyards, garages and warehouses. With the advancement of Grind and Seal technique concrete flooring has become well-liked in residential, retail and commercial places also– and Singh Floors has done it all. As Springvale Grind and Seal specialist, Singh Floors can bring your concrete floors back to life, no matter how tired they’re looking.

Why Choose Polished Concrete in Springvale?

In case you don’t want to spend much on new flooring you can simply opt for Polished Concrete in Springvale Solution which renovates your old concrete floor into a new one. Isn’t it a smart choice? Definitely yes!

As well as being the cheapest flooring method, Grind and Seal is completely customization.  Do you prefer a minimal or full exposure look? Do you need to remove old glue or paint? How damaged are your existing floors? There are many factors that determine how far back we grind your concrete. Plus, when it comes to choosing a topical sealer, there are range options to suit your requirements.It is a cheaper alternative for bamboo flooring in kitchens and washrooms.

The benefits of Polished Concrete

  • More cost-effective than polished concrete
  • Comparatively fast to complete
  • Cheaper than replacing or tiling
  • Removes old glue, epoxy and paint
  • Easy to clean
  • Stain resistant
  • Dust proof
  • Non-porous (does not absorb bacteria)
  • Slip resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Customisable exposure
  • Choice of finishes
  • Strengthens floors surface
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces

Inquire online or call us to know about latest offers and products with a diversity of colors and designs and tile effects, qualities and price points. We create perfect laminate floors and magic in your spaces!


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