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Vinyl Flooring

When it comes to home flooring in Melbourne vinyl floors are so in style and also very inexpensive. Vinyl tiles at Singh Floors have proven to be a great replacement for conventional ceramic tiles. Vinyl flooring is totally customization as it is available in planks, sheets or tiles that make your floor designing much easy and attractive too. It has proven to be one of the best floor tilling option.

At Singh Floors, you get variety of colors and pattern options for vinyl flooring.  We have vinyl flooring that also imitates others flooring effects like timber flooring  and cork effects, marble effect and also slate effect.

Along with low maintenance cost, the installation time and cost for vinyl flooring is also comparatively low. At Singh Floors we hardly take just one weekend to complete vinyl flooring of your space which is get achieved by our experienced team of installers.

Because of its high durability, vinyl flooring works great in high passage rooms like living, children’s play area and even dining area. Vinyl plank gives your home a timber look which is highly long-lasting and comes at an inexpensive price whereas vinyl sheet suits well in kitchen area. You don’t need to spend much on maintaining the vinyl flooring as any disinfectants and other sanitizes’ or just warm water with mop can be used on vinyl floor without any risk of damage. You can prevent scratch marks, indentation or tears on your vinyl flooring by using a sheet of plywood or paneling when you move furniture across the floor.

Because of its waterproof nature, Vinyl flooring doesn’t need any moisture proof sealers hence it has proven to be the best flooring option for bathrooms and kitchens. For affordable flooring check out our concrete flooring which can also be customized to imitate tilled flooring.

Our flooring solutions are designed to enhance all the residential and commercial properties with quality, timeless and highly durable vinyl flooring, with a guaranteed satisfaction with services.

Inquire online or call us to know about latest flooring offers and products in Melbourne with a diversity of colors and designs and tile effects, qualities and price points. We create perfect vinyl floors and magic in your spaces!


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