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Concrete Floor Levelling in Melbourne

Floor levelling is done to remove or repair any type of existing floor damage. In the process, a thorough concrete repair work is done so that the floors can be restored to their original condition.

Get rid of contaminants and upgrade the look of your home or office flooring with the help of concrete floor levelling.

The floor needs to be laid out evenly or else it can become prone to damage. When it comes to floor levelling, you need to rely on professionals. It is important that you hire experienced and competent epoxy floor specialists who are well-equipped with the latest resources and tools to get the job done.

Singh Floors have served more than 500 customers over the time period of 15 years. We are proud to be the leading service provider of floor levelling in Melbourne.

Need a quote? Write an e-mail to us at [email protected]. Share your contact details and project specifications. We will prepare a tailored quote and send it to your inbox within 24 hours.

concrete floor leveling
concrete floor leveling

Are you looking to renovate your floors?

Floors get damaged over time due to the amount of daily pressure and foot traffic they endure. Not only this, the external elements such as moisture and heat can also make the floors uneven. If you want to replace your existing flooring or make the floors even, then all you need is a reliable floor levelling service.

We only employ the best methods and floor levelling compound to get the work done. Our team has the access to the latest and most advanced tools, floor preparation techniques and equipment required to level your concrete floors without any hassle.

At Singh Floors, our team is more than happy to cater to your flooring requirements. We believe in providing a seamless experience to our customers by offering reliable and cost-effective services round the clock.

Self-Levelling Concrete

Self-levelling concrete is a polymer-based concrete that has a high level of viscosity. Concrete creates a smooth and even surface. The high-strength self-leveling floor compound can be laid on various surfaces including ceramic, wood and plywood. It is also easy to use and creates a stronger concrete surface.

Benefits of using self-leveling compound:

  • Does not cause any allergic reactions
  • High resistance of wet conditions and moisture
  • Resistant to mould growth
  • Quicky drying rate
  • Applicable on a variety of hard floors including concrete

Do you want to even the concrete floors installed in your home or place of work? We have got you covered. Leave the hassle of laying concrete floors professionally on our team.

We ensure that your floors will be laid down evenly with no signs of inaccuracy or damage. We use a self-leveling compound by assessing the floor conditions. Our experts measure how unlevelled your floors are so that we can offer a customised solution accordingly.

Get in touch with Singh Floors’ team today.

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concrete floor leveling


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